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May 20, 2012
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Eridan x Reader - Harpoon

"Happy Birthday.... To me."
You sigh and pick at what your human friends call, a 'cupcake'; which had been sitting on the table infront of you. They were the ones who suggested trying this stupid human holiday and described everything about it in great detail. Infact, everything you've done today was positively human because of this.

Today you were 15... About 6 1/2 sweeps old, and you only celebrated this piece of shit excuse of a holiday because you had moved from your old hive to this new one and were feeling quite alone without your friends. You moved because your old hive had been burnt to the ground, when your kismesis took your relationship too far and brought his dragon lusus down on you out of anger. Now, far away and starting your life anew in this hive down by the beach, you start it by celebrating something that isn't even apart of your traditions as a troll. This is your first time ever celebrating your 'birthday', and you hated it for some damn reason which you couldn't quite put your finger on. It must be the candle on your cupcake; the flame flickering in the dark of the room. Fire will never be your friend again. However, you enjoyed the fluffiness of the cake and the sweetness of the icing on the top. Your trolls friends were awesome, but your human friends did have their perks. You think that you wouldn't mind meeting them in person one day, as strange as they are. 

You stand up from where you were sitting at the table and walk over to your laptop which lay on the counter. You open it, and check to see if anyone's on trollian for you to talk to. Apparently, only your friend Kanaya is on and you decide to talk to her; knowing that she was the one that always found a way to make you feel better.

-insert trolltag- [T/T] began trolling grimAuxiliatrix [GA]

[T/T]: Hi Kanaya!
GA: Hello _____ 
GA: I'm Sorry But I Can't Talk Long.
[T/T]: Oh are you busy?
GA: Yes But We Will Definetly Talk Later Okay?
[T/T]: Yeah okay we'll talk later! Bye!

-insert trolltag- [T/T] ceased trolling grimAuxiliatrix [GA] 

You close your laptop and slump to the ground, your back against a wall. Your life sucks! There is absolutely NOTHING you can do here! You suddenly stand and look out the window. Maybe there IS something you can do...

For as long as you can remember, you loved to swim; but could not do it often because of the forested area you lived in previously. Well now this is your chance.

You run to your bedroom and change into a bathingsuit; heading out the backdoor of your hive. Your lusus would be awake since it was dark outside, but not dark so you couldn't see you hand infront of your face. And (s)he was busying itself in another room of the hive anyway, so you didn't have to worry about getting in trouble if you weren't allowed. You rushed to greet the ocean, pushing yourself into the waves and gasping at the water's freezing temperature. Once you got used to it, you began to splash around before holding your breath and diving under the water; where you could just make out the vague shapes of some of the aquatic life. You felt yourself smile as a fish came up and examined you; you loved when they were not afraid to come close. Then as quick as it came, it sped off.

You raised an eyebrow; now why did it do that? Certainly it wasn't you that had startled it, you hadn't moved the entire time. Then out of the corner of your eye, you noticed something glint deeper down below you. You had only enough time to swim a few inches up towards the surface before something pierced through your right shoulder. You began to scream and let go of your breath as your shoulder seemed to burn intensely and your [insert colour] blood began to pollute the waters around you. Looking at your shoulder, you realise that you had been hit with a harpoon, driving straight through your shoulder and coming out on the other side. Instantly you began to weaken, and looked at the one who had shot you. As your vision began to fade, and you knew you were going to drown or die of blood loss; you could only make out that the person seemed to have large glasses and what appeared like a scarf. You held on to these thoughts as your consciousness slipped from you.


At this time, the one who had shot you stared up at you in horror. Normally, he wouldn't have minded killing a landweller. But you were beautiful! Radiant! And now he was afraid you were gone forever. He had been out catching stuff for Feferi's lusus to eat and had mistaken you for a fish; feeling like an idiot for not taking a more careful look.

He swam up to you and dislodged the harpoon from your shoulder, which caused you to bleed more; not that you noticed. He then wrapped his arm around your waist and began to kick towards the surface. He had a feeling you were alive- No...he knew. And he wasn't about to let you die. Not on his watch.
Hi guys!

So this is my first fanficiton.... And its for homestuck :heart: :heart:

So I'm sorry if it's too long to short or if you just don't like it >_<" I can't really tell since I typed this on my iPod.

And no Eridan is not my favorite troll but I still love him he's adorable :3 in a... Desperate sort of way. I don't really have a fav troll.

SO ANYWAY. I may make a part 2 and 3. We'll see if ppl like this or not.

homestuck copyright Andrew Hussie
You copyright you!

Part 1: You're here!
Part 2:[link]
Part 3: [link]
EDIT: omg all those favs.....thank you so much everyone thank you ; A ;
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